Is any one still out there or you all on facebook.

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Is any one still out there or you all on facebook.

Postby sassy123 » Sun Mar 02, 2014 8:12 am

Hi I am looking to see if any of the old group is still here. Is any one here that went to Gatlinburg. I know George is and Billie could not go with us that weekend but is any one else still here. I guess everyone likes facebook but me. I heard they all headed that way. Hope to find some one. Foxey are you still here. Thankyou for the birthday wish last year. I just found it today.

For the new people my name was sassy 123 and I did Stella Style for a long time. Our old group went to Gatlinburg one weekend to get together for a meet and great. George heard about it and came up from Fl. with mark and taught us in the local food store what to buy and what not to by carb wise. Then we bought 2 carts full of food and headed to the Mts. to cook all day and way in the night. WE had a blast.

You can't go wrong by staying on this site and trying this way of eating. It is great. The books are all great I have all of them and two DVD's. I still eat this way. I have add JUDDD to my way of eating and am at 144 as of today. Just buy a book or use these recipes or go on the old site and use the old members recipes. Look for Foxey or Dingiy or /crazywoman, or David or Marks recipes thay are all great I use them all the time. Mark great ones too.

You don't have to count carbs just cook the right food and eat just until you are full then stop. I know that is hard but it does work. You can still get Georges first book at local book stores. I see it here in Ohio all the time. That is the one I started with and how I found this site years ago.

Good luck to all who are starting this way of life. We all lost a lot of weight this away. Give it a try and I know you will be pleased with the results. Sassy123 Judy
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