Strawberry Poke Cake

Strawberry Poke Cake

Postby crazywoman » Sun Jun 02, 2013 5:30 pm

I made a Strawberry poke cake the other day using George's Almond Flour pound cake from the Good Carbs cookbook. I did however sub out 1/4 cup of the almond flour for 1/4 cup Lupin flour. (Can definitely be made strictly by his recipe!) I just wanted to cut back on the almond flour some, and wanted to try out the Lupin. It worked well! I also did not use Splenda (Geo says we can use any sweetener we like). I used a combo of Erythritol/Stevia/& Inulin (to make sort of a Swerve substitute). To each 1 cup of Erythritol add 1 tsp pure stevia pwd (be sure to use a good brand). I believe I added 2TBsp Inulin, butt his can definitely be left out. M ix well then measure as you would sugar.
I baked this in a parchment paper lined & sprayed 9"X13" cake pan. While it was baking I prepared homemade "jello" with only 1 cup boiling water, no cold water. (Jello recipe calls for 1c hot/1c cold.)
When cake is done, poke holes in it with wooden spoon or similar (I used large end of chopstick), then pour the jello liquid over the cake, and refrigerate. (I let mine cool some before putting in fridge.) I served this with whipped cream. Jello recipe below. For this I used 1 pkt gelatin as that is what the original recipe I found called for.

Jello (any flavor you can come up with)

1 packet koolaid (small one non-sweetened)
1 packets gelatin
1 cup hot water
1 cups cold water
Liquid sweetner to taste (use your favorite sweetener - probably equal to about 1 cup, but per taste)

Put gelatin in a bowl and pour hot water over it and stir till disolved, add koolaid packet and stir. Then add 3 cups of cold water and chill for 4 hours or so until stiff.

Granulated Splenda works too, if you use that.

If you want a flavor that you can't find in koolaid, and have some flavoring, you can just use that, experimenting on how much you need to use to get your flavor. I think people have even used the Torani or DaVinci syrups for the flavor & sweetener, and part of the water.

I do not want to take credit for this recipe/idea. It was George's pound cake, and Tammy Paul came up with making a poke cake out of it.
I originally found the "jello" recipe on a site that sold low carb items (she sold the old Trish's 0carb liquid sweetener), but is no longer online. Her name was Trish. Since then I've seen it floating around with slight variations on several sites.

Thank you Tammy for the idea of the Poke cake using George's recipe! Oh, and thank you Sam Paul for posting it on a FB group.
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