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   Stella Style OnDemand Help


Subscription Help

Signing Up - If you are already a basic free member of, login first, then return to and click on Sign Up Now. If you are not currently a member, you may sign up for the first time at Sign Up Now.

Adding Time to your Account - Once you're a member of Stella Style OnDemand you should not need to add time, as your subscription will last the lifetime of this website!

PayPal problems - If you have purchased time for OnDemand through PayPal and your transaction has completed, however you still cannot gain access to the materials for subscribers only please contact the Administrator at Be sure to include the PayPal confirmation number and your Login Name.

Other Payment Options - By Mail: If you would like to pay by check or money order by mail, please make it payable to George Stella and send to PO Box 135444  Clermont, FL 34713. For current Pricing click on Sign Up above. Please include your email address and your login name with your payment. (Not yet a member? Join Free now.)


Online Video Help

Unable to View Video - First make sure to go to My Account and select your Video Preference.

If you cannot see or hear the video on this site you may need to update your Flash Player. Click Here and follow the directions to install the newest free version of Macromedia Flash Player. If the video will still not play after installing Flash, if possible, try using another web browser. Mozilla Firefox or Netscape usually work best.

Video Plays, but is skipping - The default setting for our Online Video will play well in many browsers, however if your connection speed is Modem 56K or lower you can change the setting by clicking on My Account above. Change the Video Preference from High Connection to Slow Connection. Click Here to view a Sample Low Bit Rate Video.

Tips for skipping video - Make sure the video is fully loaded before watching. (Look at video time bar, when it's completely shaded in it's done.) You may need to press PLAY and then PAUSE to start the loading process.

Also if you're getting skipping, close all other programs besides your internet browser before viewing a video.

Downloading Video - Once you are a Stella Style OnDemand subscriber you will find a link for downloading video clips to your computer's hard drive at the bottom of each Video Page. Windows Media Files and Quicktime Video files are available for each video that once downloaded can be viewed offline. To Download a video file right-click on the file icon (Ctrl-click for Mac users) and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As."

Tip for downloading video - If you have a slow connection and/or your downloading is being interrupted or timing out you can install a Download Accelerator program. Go to to find a free version, or search for "download accelerator" to find versions for sale. Download Accelerators not only speed up download times, but also give you the option to pause and reconnect downloads. (We do not endorse third-party sites and are not responsible for content outside of

Downloading a Video to your iPod - 1. Click on "Download Video" from the bottom of a Video Page.
2. Save the iPod video file to a location on your computer.
3. Connect your iPod to your computer and open the Apple iTunes application.
4. In the iTunes application, select 'Add File to Library' from the 'File' menu. Browse for the video you downloaded, then click 'Open.'
5. In the iTunes application, click 'Edit,' then click 'Preferences.' Click the 'iPod' tab, then click 'Videos,' 'Automatically update all videos,' and 'OK.'
6. iTunes will automatically copy the video to your iPod.
7. On your iPod, select 'Videos,' to play your video content.


Miscellaneous Help / Frequently Asked Questions

I Subscribed, but Cannot Open Video & Recipe Pages - If you sign up for Stella Style OnDemand, but after logging in and clicking on a "Go To Video" or "Go To Recipe" link it takes you to a "Subscribe Now" page instead, you may need to change your browser's privacy settings. Click Here for more information on how. If you still require help contact us at and include your PayPal Confirmation number.

Why does Stella Style OnDemand cost money? - The monies generated by Stella Style OnDemand go to help support our website


Email us at if you still require help.


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George Stella & family are not dieticians. Talk to your doctor before changing your eating habits.

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George Stella & family are not dieticians. Talk to your doctor before changing your eating habits.