George Stella’s
Foods You Crave
The Low-Carb Way

Over 120 Recipes Worth Craving!

In his newest low-carb cookbook, professional chef George Stella brings us over 120 all-new recipes created to keep away the pesky carb cravings that can hamper your dietary goals. Foods You Crave: The Low-Carb Way shows home cooks of any skill that there’s no need to go without—simply reinvent! That was the secret to George and his family’s incredible 550-pound weight-loss success and what propelled George to stardom on national talk shows and even his own Food Network cooking show.

Filled with creative low-carb recreations of the snacks, desserts, and comfort foods everyone craves, you’ll never be bored on a low-carb or ketogenic diet again. Includes recipes covering a variety of occasions, cuisines, and cooking techniques. You’ll find easy grilling recipes, inexpensive five-ingredient meals, pressure or slow cooker dishes with restaurant-quality results, and a whole lot more! It’s the most versatile and fulfilling cookbook that George Stella has ever written.


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George Stella’s
Quick & Easy
Low-Carb Cookbook

Everyday Recipes for
Ketogenic, Low-Sugar, or
Cutting Back on Carbs

Whether you re eating paleo, ketogenic, glutenfree,or sugar-free, George’s recipes are sure to fit your dietary needs. These recipes are so delicious, you won’t believe they are low-carb and you’ll love that they can be made quicker, easier, and with fewer ingredients than ever before!

For those new to eating low-carb, George has included his Two-Day Challenge: stop eating processed and refined foods any two days a week, while getting into the habit of eating more fresh foods. If you can’t give up carbs entirely, try cutting back! You might just discover that you don t even miss the carbs.


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George Stella’s
Low-Carb Essentials Cookbook

Everyday Low-Carb Recipes You’ll Love to Cook and Eat!

In Low-Carb Essentials, veteran Food Network chef George has created over 120 new recipes, providing the ultimate treat for anyone seeking a healthy diet incredible tasteful dishes that achieve weight-loss success. Whether you have been living a low-carb lifestyle for years, or are simply looking to eat less processed foods, this cookbook is for you! Over 60 full-color photos will help you present dishes that look as good as they taste. All recipes are made without any white flour or added sugar, making them gluten-free, and great for diabetics as well. Deliciously better!

George Stella is the leading name in low-carb cooking. His low-carb cookbooks are well known not only for inspiring millions of people to lose weight with his family s amazing weight-loss story, but also for how they did it: by cooking and eating great recipes made from easy-to-find fresh foods that anyone can get in their local supermarket. His down-to-earth voice and love of comfort foods have put his books at the very top of every health-conscious person s cookbook collection.

Over 120 All-New Recipes with No White Flour and No-added Sugar!

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George Stella’s
The Complete Low-Carb Cookbook

No Sugar Added and Wheat-Free Recipes for any Carb-Concious Lifestyle

George Stella’s Food Network TV show and five bestselling cookbooks have established him a the leading authority on low-carb cooking.

The Complete Low-Carb Cookbook is not just George Stella’s best collection of recipes, but his definitive word on low-carb eating. With hundreds of helpful tips, you aren’t just following along; you are learning how to use Stella’s techniques to reinvent any of your own recipes without the use of processed foods. You are also learning how these techniques helped his family of four lose over 650 pounds.

Over 60 full-color photos will help you present dishes that look as good as they taste. All 130 recipes are made without any wheat or added sugar, making them gluten-free, and a great choice for diabetics as well.

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Still Livin’ Low Carb highlights George’s great passion for fresh foods with 80 brand new recipes that have been years in the making. Beyond that, the book also features 50 of his all-time best recipes, chronicling over a decade of innovative ideas for reinventing family favorites using only fresh foods that are naturally low in carbs.

All classic recipes have been entirely revised and perfected after years of the Stella family preparing them after their original inception. Several recipes from George’s Food Network show Low Carb and Lovin’ It also appear here in print for the very first time. Beyond that, eight of George’s signature recipes, featuring some of his most unique techniques, are laid out with full step-by-step photographs so you can easily follow along. Still Livin’ Low Carb is not just a cookbook but also an entire low carb cooking class taught by the most recognized name in the field.

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120 Recipes Made Fast with Only a Handful of Simple, Fresh Ingredients

In Real Food Real Easy, veteran Food Network chef George Stella serves up his signature Good Carb recipes using only a handful of readily available, fresh ingredients. Once weighing in at 470 pounds, George turned his entire life, and the life of his family around simply by eating… simply. A family of four, they dropped an astonishing 565 pounds, and they ate great food doing it!

George Stella’s cookbooks have been a favorite of thousands of families everywhere, but they have never included recipes as inexpensive, fast, and easy as this. With some recipes made in as few as 4 ingredients, George doesn’t sacrifice flavor or ingenuity to keep things easy, and has instead handpicked his family’s best recipes that just so happen to be easy to prepare.

From Appetizers and snacks; to main courses, desserts, and even slow cooker recipes… make full family meals fast, make them healthy, make then REAL!

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In his Good Carb Family Cookbook, George Stella, Food Network chef and weight loss sensation serves up the secrets to his and his family’s success! George, his wife Rachel and two sons lost over 560 pounds by only cooking with fresh, healthy and wonderful food that is naturally low in carbohydrates.

Not only will he share his tips on “good” and “bad” carbs, eating healthy on a budget and getting your kids on board—he’ll also share 100 of his best recipes ever. From family style classics like Chicken Cacciatore to the surprisingly simple, but-oh-so seemingly sophisticated Steak Diane. Just make sure you save room for a thick, rich and secretly sugar free slice of Stella Style Chocolate Marble Cheesecake—a cheesecake recipe that’s been seven years in the making! These are the recipes that changed the Stella family’s lives forever.

From their family to yours, dinner is served.

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The low-carb revolution has evolved. People who think that low-carb diets mean nothing but bun-less cheeseburgers haven’t met George Stella! Eating “Stella-Style” means eating a whole-foods diet that’s adaptable to any low-cal, low-fat, low-carb eating program.

People used to stare and point at George Stella. Back then, people were pointing because he was fat, weighing in at a whopping 467 pounds. Now, people stare and point at George Stella because he’s a famous chef with his own Food Network show, who weighs more than 260 pounds less than he did seven years ago.

As fans know, George and his family – wife Rachel and sons Anthony and Christian – dropped a combined total of 560 pounds by swapping sugar-filled, highly processed junk for wholesome foods naturally low in carbohydrates.

“What began as a strict low carb ‘diet’ has grown into a flexible lifestyle that allows us to eat a broad range of healthy and fresh foods that taste great,” George attests.

He calls his simple, satisfying philosophy of eating “Stella Style.”

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George Stella’s Livin’ Low Carb has little in common with diet books: In fact, it’s got more in common with a cookbook you might have bought for yourself when you first moved out on your own. The style is casual and approachable, with no tense lists of diet-related details or overly-complex recipes, and cooking techniques require little more than a working stove and a frying pan.

George Stella (along with pastry chef-wife Rachel) have developed a wide range of recipes designed to compliment Atkins and other low-carb diet regimens. Rather than relying on packaged convenience foods that meet these dietary standards, they focus on home-cooked meals that satisfy the demands of low carb life without tasting like they were baked up in a factory. Flavors include Chinese (Szechuan stir-fry), Italian-American (clams casino), Southern (fried chicken), and American sweets (chocolate chip muffins and no-bake Key lime cheesecake). Snacks, salads, entrees, and desserts all see equal amounts of attention..

–Jill Lightner

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